(Caroline: Well, MY hobby is reading.  I find it hard though, since I can just download anything I want into my head.  It’s so hard to find a good book online without accidentally coming across spoilers.)
(Serena: It’d be nice to download all my textbooks into MY head.)
(Caroline: Well, if you want stuff to stick to your brain better, that kind of surgery is possible, but I’m probably the only one in this hospital who’d know how to do it.)
(Serena: Weird!  But I see what you did there with the glue joke.)
(Caroline: Oh, you caught on, huh?  *Whispers* Serena, there’s Jack, the homeless man that comes by the hospital every day.  I wish I hadn’t spent my last dollar from today’s allowance on those pretzels.)
(Serena: Nah, I can give him a few dollars.  Hmm, I’ve only got a twenty-dollar bill.)


-Go inside the hospital for change-

-Give him the whole twenty-

-Oh well, I tried.-

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