(Trixie: Woohoo!  Go, Wendy!)

(Virginia: Very good!  You may just win yet.)

(Wendy: Thanks!  I’m really thirsty; that’s why.)

(Trixie: Oh, so you think you know what’s in the fridge, eh?)

(Wendy: Yup!  It’s cream soda.  When you’re watching a hockey game and a fight breaks out, you want a cream soda to really enjoy the show.)

(Virginia: I’ll remember that next time your father pranks your mother.)

(Trixie: We shall have to keep going to see if you’re correct about this refreshing hypothesis.  I’m referring to Wendy’s statement, not yours, Jenny.)

(Trixie: Toward the table the terrifics tumble, then try to trace the tricky Trixie trail!)

(Wendy: Um, ok?)

(Virginia: *Humming*)



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