(Trixie: Good going, kiddo!  Way to keep up!)

(Virginia: Now, hurry up and win already.  I’m getting thirsty and a tad hungry.)

(Wendy: Can’t you just shut that off?  You’re a techbot after all.)

(Trixie: And what’s with assuming there’s enough for everybody?)

(Virginia: Both of you children are exponentially rude.  Maybe I just like to eat for the delight of the activity.)

(Wendy: Well, hurry up then, Trix.)

(Virginia: “Can’t you just shut that off?”  The idea….Can’t you shut off a few things?)

(Wendy: Oh come on, Jenny; you know we love you.)

(Virginia: Oh, I know.  Otherwise, you’d disappear by now.)

(Wendy: Yeah, sure.  You’re too sweet to worry me.)

(Trixie: Children!  Game!  Play!)


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