(Virginia: Tricky Trixie tumbles toward the terrain.)

(Trixie: Meh, meh, meh!  Good job, Wends.)

(Wendy: Aww, lettin’ Virginia get to you, Trix?)

(Trixie: Tch, like that could happen.)

(Virginia: Most of my vocabulary is too avant-garde for her to feel insulted.)

(Trixie: Let us continue in this garden of competition!)

(Wendy: PAHAHAHA!!!)

(Virginia: Point made.)

(Virginia: Trixie, I want to try after this next turn.  Let’s give Wendy a break.)

(Trixie: Hey, wait your turn, silly.)

(Wendy: No, it’s alright.  I’ll take the breather.)

(Virginia: You just want to see how I do it.)

(Wendy: Oh, you know it.)


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