(Trixie:  Alright!  It seems like you’ve reached the checkpoint!  Mind you, the game still starts from the beginning if you lose.)

(Virginia: So, are you brave enough, or do you need help?  Anyway, it’s my turn, so contemplate your options while I guess.)

(Trixie: Woo boy, I’m going to need to be really good to throw Jenny off.)

(Marty: That’s not happening.)

(Trixie: You’d be surprised at muh skills!  Alright, Je–)

(Virginia: The fourth.)

(Trixie: *Grumbles* Show off….)

(Virginia: She never uses the third cup.  Why is that, Trixie?)

(Marty: Weird, but noted.  Thanks.)

(Trixie: Oh yeah?!)

(Virginia: Well, you can’t use it now.)

(Trixie: Well…we’ll see!)

(Marty: Pahaha!  Oh brother!  Oh my goodness, what have I been dragged into?)

(Trixie: Moving on!)

(Marty: Indeed.)

(Virginia: Quite.)


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