“This is Organa Winsor standing in front of the large, luxurious home of scientist Zack Malone, assistant to the controversial inventor Nathaniel Harrison, and Toby, the scene that relatives walked into today was nothing short of utterly gruesome.  At 12:15 this afternoon, mother-in-law Alice Moneywort came to visit her daughter and grandchildren, only to find the door ripped off the hinges and the Malone family all lying in a pool of blood, the dastardly result of what investigators believe to be an act of domestic terrorism by those opposed to the Resurrection Project.

    Police believe the murder happened sometime last night between 7:45 and 8:30 on a Monday night that will not soon be forgotten in this once quiet neighborhood.  This is Organa Winsor with Broadcast VII News, reporting live from Quinton. Toby?”

    You can imagine the shock that Billy Reese must feel at this barbaric event, but what are the feelings and reactions of Malone’s friends?

    Back at the lab, we see Donna…um…enjoying her classical music.  Man, does she love her some classical music.  “Bum, bum, bum, yaaaa…. Bum, bum, bum, YAaaa…. Bum, BUM, YAAAAAA!!!”

This foolishness is interrupted by Thomas Edison.  “Miss Donna, Dr. Harrison asked for you.”

“O-oh…uh, was I too loud again?”

He chuckles.  “Not at all.  He just asked me to come get you.”

    Following ol’ Tom into Nate’s office, Donna Mitchelson soon finds herself being told that Nathaniel’s having her moved to a safe place until all of this chaos has ended.  Despite her desire to argue, she knows this is the right thing to do, and thus complies.  Harrison assures her that all will eventually be well.  “I’ll even send Zack to keep you company once I revive him.”

    She smiles, begins to walk away, then turns back.  “Don’t you dare die on me, Nathaniel Harrison.  What would I be without you?”

He smirks.  “With or without me, you’ll always be amazing.”


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