As we conclude this story, I shall tell you this directly:  I do not believe that cloning from mere DNA as done in this story is necessarily possible in our world, at least not with our current level of technology and scientific knowledge.  This story, however, was not designed to debate the possibility of cloning and raising the dead, but rather to have a story where Christians are put in a world that goes against what they think is truth.  I just used a hyperbole to do so.

    Bill Reese exemplified the common argument I hear from Christians concerning cloning which is, “God made man and woman to create life in marriage, and cloning circumvents that.  You are playing God, and thus it is not possible.”  While it would be easy to list out all the ways we “play God” that are, indeed, sinful, the fact that we CAN do these abominations should tell you that just because something is sinful doesn’t make it impossible.  Of course, if it’s sin, then don’t do it…obviously!

    That was basically the thrust of the story.  Know why you believe what you believe.  Many folks fear questioning their beliefs, because they wouldn’t know what to do without them.  However, when a Christian is not afraid to compare his convictions with the Word of God without the constraints of his assumptions, he may actually find that the Bible really does say what he thinks it does, with it explaining this belief much better than that Christian could have ever thought.

    Okay, okay!  So, you’re wanting to know how the characters turned out.  Bill and Naomi?  Well, her name is now Mary as she is praying and thinking hard about what she needs to do concerning Bill Reese.  IF the resurrected have genuine souls, they are clones and not the originals.  So, would they be like siblings?  Children of the deceased?  Yeah, you can see why the idea of marriage is an awkward concept for “Mary”.  Can the clones reproduce?

    Well, time to get technical here.  So, they’re possibly not souls, similar to an organic robot, or they could be souls.  HOWEVER, they still possess the bodies of humans, regardless of what’s inside.  So, I theorize, as was the case with Dolly the sheep, that these folks could reproduce.  Well, it doesn’t matter, because it’s my story. 😅

    The kids would probably be genuine people because they were made the natural way, or kind of like test tube babies.  Alright, the awkward science moment is over as we switch to politics.

    I came up with this story in 2012, so don’t get the wrong idea if something in this adventure happens to remind you of anything going on in current events at the time you are playing this game.  In reality, the setting takes place in a future where a political party called the Sword Party had already taken over the country.  It’s just that they’ve deteriorated into apathy, thus why you wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t said anything.  So, why tell you now?

You’ll know one day…mwahahaha!

Keep reading, my crazy readers!


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