Hi there!  Allow me to answer the final question.  Israel’s enemies will have them hopelessly surrounded at the end of the Tribulation, only for God to rescue them Himself, and when He does, all of Israel will look on Him, whom they have pierced, and the entire nation will believe in their promised Messiah, Jehovah.  In case you didn’t catch the significance of what I just said, Zechariah, other Old Testament prophecies and Revelation marry well to present the undoubtable fact that Jehovah is equating Himself and the Messiah with the conquering, crucified Savior of Revelation, Jesus Christ.  The deeper you dive into the Old Testament, the more obvious it becomes that Jesus is, indeed, who He claimed to be.

    Whew!  I shall have to admit that I am happier for you than even I thought I’d be.  You have done an amazing job so far, and you have endured my occasional frankness, so let me tell you a fun fact as your reward.  I don’t wish to get too deep into our comic lore in this mode, lest I take away from the impact of the last question’s topic, but I will still advertise a bit for what I may say at the end of the quiz.  The thing I shall now tell you is that my siblings and I have never met our parents, nor do we even know their identities.  This sounds tragic, I’m sure, but when you read the secret from the hard mode, you may see this fact I’m currently sharing with even more significance.

    Are you thoroughly confused?  Good!  You do need a reason to finish the other modes, as well as to read our comics in general, now don’t you?  If you want to learn more, you might as well get to work.  But seriously, regardless of our fictional foolishness, the importance of this quiz lies within the reality of God’s Word, and that is the only reason we need to spend our time together.  As long as I can be a blessing to you, whether in wisdom or with a merry heart, then I am content.

    Now, we’ve wasted much time stressing over my story, so let us make haste in choosing the next mode.  Please do so wisely, as I do not want to hear you whining because you picked the hard mode before you were truly prepared.

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