What sad irony!  This whole story began with Abraham choosing to trust his flesh during a famine, way back in Genesis.  This resulted in his nephew, Lot, doing the same and ending up in Sodom.  Eventually, this resulted in the abominable act that birthed the kid from which the nation of Moab emerged.  With this country now a thing, Naomi’s family trust in their own way and go here.  Yet, for all these bad choices by God’s people, it’s one of the “wicked Moabites” that chooses to follow God.  Go Ruth!  However…

There was another.  You may recall that Naomi had two sons, which means there were two daughters-in-law.  What happened to the other?  She went back to her old life after her husband died.  If fact, Naomi pushed her into leaving, specifically telling the girl to go back to her gods.  What was the name of this poor, misguided girl?