One, two…


    We are all very proud of the diligent effort that has paid off with this victory.  Please tell us in the comments that you made it to this page.  This achievement should not be overlooked.

(Kimmy: And don’t forget to follow our site, if you haven’t already.)

(I.C.: Okay, Romie, what will you say to weird them out now?)

    You have such a way with words, precious child.  What can I say?  For everything I stated about myself at the end of the beginner mode, I’m surely another cybernetic creation, am I not?  Or, perhaps, there is something even more fantastical to my backstory.  You shall all have to wait until we publish these strange tales to uncover all of these mysteries.  The only hint I shall give for now is that I was named after the place I was found.

(I.C.: OOoooo!)

(Kimmy: AAaaah!)

    Of course, I’ll let the girls talk about themselves in their own upcoming quizzes so as to not steal from Kimmy’s inspiring endeavor or I.C.’s nefarious beginning.

(I.C.: Thanks for trashing my name, Greco!)

    Now, with the jokes and the oddities behind us, I wish to congratulate you once more for your victory, and I also wish to give you the link I mentioned.  For those of you who desire to know the Bible’s opinion on homosexuality, you can learn more about that here from our friend, Hannah Austin.  For anyone eager to try another quiz, you can either replay this one, or you can select one of the other lessons in the collection linked below.

(I.C.: You’ll see Greco again in the next quiz, hosted by “the Nefarious One”, pff!)

(Kimmy: She’s never going to let that one go, Greco.)

This is System Guard Greco Romana signing out before I.C. gets started again.

(Kimmy: Seeya, hon!)

(I.C.: Ugh, see you in the next quiz, guys.)

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