For you beginner mode skippers, this is my wife, Keb.  Actually, marrying me made her Kebs, but besides that initial detail, you faithful readers should easily recognize AB’s superstar sister, Katherine Elisabeth.

(Keb: And for those of you who have no idea who I am, feel free to get the proper introduction in my ancient Leviticus quiz I did eons again before we updated our camera, or you can read about me in the System Guards comics on our site.  However, you should totally finish this quiz first, seeing how you literally just started.)

    She is going to be your escort back to the start if you miss any questions.  Of course, you get one extra chance for these first five questions, but don’t take that for granted.  In fact, let’s begin the quiz now.

What struggle does Paul mention in chapter 1 of this book?

-He prayed for God to remove a thorn in the flesh-

-The unsaved Jews kept following him around-

-He wanted to be in heaven, but he knew he was needed-

-He burned his breakfast-