The Bible says that we can do all things through Christ.  He is our strength.  Of course, this isn’t saying God will empower us to do whatever we want like some genie, but rather that God will give us the strength to do whatever He has called us to do.

(Keb: Not bad, my apprentice.  If you keep this up, I may let you teach a lesson on your own.)

Is that so?  Now, why would I want to teach without having my super lovely assistant nearby?

(Keb: Super huh?  Well, you having a good conscience about letting me go reserve our seats at the diner might be motivation enough.)

    Haha!  You’ll be fine, babe.  You don’t want our friends thinking we prioritize Tea’s menu over their Bible lessons, do you?

(Keb: Ehh, I guess not.  Good job in reaching this checkpoint, quizzer.  You can now choose between trying the easy mode now and continuing the tutorial.)

See?  That wasn’t so bad.  Now, we’ll just finish the quiz, then go get some grub later.

(Keb: Yeah, you’re right; I like seeing our friends learn more about the Bible.  Besides, maybe if we get to the diner later, the crowd will be smaller.)

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-Jump to the easy mode-

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