Booyah!  Just like I told ya, I fired that boy for telling too many jokes, so it’s just you and me, my lovely little quizzer.

(Junior: Wow, sis!  Seeing you from over here, I apologize for my height comments.  I guess you have gotten a little bigger since hosting the Numbers quiz.)

Why, thank you, Junior!  I…hey, wait; is that a fat joke?!

Okay, so it’s still me, Missy, hosting, so don’t listen to anything my sibling says.  Quiz time!  Nehemiah served Artaxerxes in Shushan.  That’s not a store for sandals, though they probably sold shoes.  It’s the capital city of what nation?

On second thought, they definitely sold shoes.  I travelled back in time for a pair of boots once, but living in a major city with no shoe store is extreme.  Again, Shushan was the capital of what Empire?