(Charity: Uh, you spelled Lot wrong, child.)

    It was the wrong answer, so it doesn’t matter how I spelled it.  Since Job is the right answer, it doesn’t matter if I mention, Lot, Lott or Camelot.  You know who’s not the answer you need to have got.

(Charity: Still, you make yourself look silly when you misspell things and don’t plan to clarify.)

Maybe ’cause I knew you would do it for me.  It’s called suspense, my dear.

(Charity: *Looks at Ivory for thirty seconds* Man, I can’t think of a pun.  Ha ha, you win a point today.)

Yes!  About time!  The day is boring when nobody gets a point.

(Charity: I think we’re diverging from the point.  Ask the next question.)

    And the puns are back.  I’d like to point out that multiple names which show up in the book of Job itself add to Lamentations’ suggestion that Job may have been an Edomite, meaning he would have been a descendant of Esau.  But I have said this and must move on to the next question for sake of time.  You ready?  Who, as worded in Lamentations 5, remains forever?

-The LORD’s Anointed-

-The LORD-

-Thou, O LORD-

-God above-

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