While those other answers were either helpful or included in Jude’s choice of words, he chose to say you can make a difference with some people by having compassion.

(James: He does, however, go on to say that other will need to hear about the fire we are hoping to help them avoid.  Some folks get saved because of friends who are nice to the point that those unbelievers want whatever their friends have to make them so nice and joyful, while others get saved because they don’t want to face the horrible judgment awaiting all those not covered by the blood of the Savior.)

    Either way, you should still always show the love of God, even in discussing the subject of hell.  You don’t have to talk about intimidating or uncomfortable topics in an offensive way.  That is why the love talked about in 1 Corinthians 13 is vital.  Be kind and friendly, and be a good example.  This is how your witness for Christ will shine ever brightly.

(James: And with that, you have graduated from the beginner class.  Sarah will tell you a secret and let you zoom off to the next part of the quiz.)

    Congratulations! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Also, follow our website if you haven’t already.  Now, in light of starting this page on a more somber note, my first secret won’t be too out there.  First, the names of myself and my siblings, given in order of birth, are Xames Rohan Scott III, Zarah Scott, Richard Baxter Scott, Christian Scott III, Xavier Scott and Robert Michael Scott.

(James: Xavier hasn’t been in any of the quizzes.  He retired young.  He’s also lucky to have a normal X name.)

    Summing up our naming drama, Xames goes by James because no one can pronounce his name, I gave up and accepted Sarah long ago, Richard goes by Rig, most people falsely call our next brother Christian Scott II because they forget the actual Christian Scott II because he was just as foolish as James II, Xavier “retired early” because he had a moment of acting like our father and, lastly, Bobby has a city’s worth of children, ha ha!  That is the summary of our little family.

(James: I don’t know, Sarah.  Considering there are six of us, it seems like a stretch to call Bobby Mike’s eight kids a city.)

    Also, the slight blue tint in my hair is natural.  Besides getting it from my mother, I can think of at least three people from my dad’s side that had a similar phenomenon happen with their hair color.

(James: Then there’s Aunt Amy’s daughter, but that’s a different story, ha ha!)

    Ha ha!  Sorry for unloading all of our family history upon you, quizzers.  I feel better though, so it was worth it, yah?  Go ahead and continue the rest of the lesson so we can get excited over your victories in the other modes.

(James: Pick your next path.)

-Continue the easy mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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