Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho, and the walls came tumblin’ down!  Actually, the wording seems to indicate that the walls of the city, Jericho, went straight down, like on an elevator of destruction.  What a miraculous victory!

Also, if you had guessed that Joshua fought both the Battle of Jericho and of Armageddon, you would have been penalized as far as the quiz goes, but you wouldn’t have been that far off from the truth, as you’ll see once you’ve learned some things we’ll discuss later concerning who really fought for Israel in that fight.  Now, for the next question, right?

The other miracle of the fight was that the entire wall went down, except for a portion with a scarlet cord hanging out of the window.  The person in this house on the wall was saved, along with everyone else in the house, because she obeyed God’s calling of mercy.  Who was this lady?

-Rahab the Harlot-

-Miriam the Prophetess-

-Nun the Mother of Joshua-

-Esther the Lady with the Book Named after Her-