What a witty wisdom our Savior had to word His teaching carefully in John 6:51-66 to speak spiritual truths in a way that drove off those who were only seeking their own selfish gain.  Have you ever heard that Jesus is the Bread of Life?  Well, John 6 is where we get this.  He is our soul’s nourishment, but there is obviously no actual cannibalism involved.  That would be a disgusting sin.  It is interesting, however, that when Jesus asked the main disciples if they would leave as well, Peter asked, “To whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life.”  May we never forget that, even when we are in a painful situation we don’t understand, there is no one as good and kind as our God.

    This kindness is seen in our next question, along with that amazing wisdom.  What two reasons, besides His grace, did Jesus not condemn the woman caught in adultery to death?

-She was innocent, and the Pharisees were guilty-

-Jesus loved her, and we’re all sinners-

-Rome made stoning illegal, and the Pharisees were probably guilty as well-

-We don’t know-