I can’t find John’s brother, James, mentioned anywhere in this book, though he is mentioned in other ways just like our Beloved Disciple.  In fact, it might be a fun personal project for you to word search all the names of the Twelve Disciples in your Bible to see which ones don’t appear in this Gospel.  Just remember to be careful with how you search for them.  Typing in “Zealot” won’t get you results, but typing in “Simon” will show you that Simon the Zealot, also known as Simon the Canaanite, is mentioned in every other Gospel, but not in this one.  See?  I gave you a head start and another disciple not named.  Are you not curious?

But finish this quiz first!  What did John the Baptist ask Jesus through messengers?

-Is my name in the book?-

-Is your name in the book?-

-Are you the Messiah?-

-Shouldn’t you baptize me?-