Good job, guys!

(Cici: He he!  I hope my initial reluctance didn’t spoil your fun, child.  We’re all happy friends now, right?  I mean, I guess it was good for you to see me again, now that the camera resolution isn’t as horrific as it was when I hosted the Judges quiz, so I don’t mind being helpful.  I don’t even mind making a little extra cash, brother, assuming you’re watching this.)

Thanks for playing the game, guys!  Again, make sure you’ve hit the follow button on the side, if you haven’t already, so you can keep up with our new material.  Also, let us know of your victory in the comments.  After that, you can either try another quiz, or you can browse our arcade and website for even more fun and helpful resources.  Either way, we hope you have a wonderful, blessed day as you follow God’s leading.

(Both: Seeya later!)

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