That’s super tiny, Cici.

(Cici: Corris, do you want to ruin the answers for later questions?  I know what I’m doing.)

You don’t even work today.

(Cici: Fine, don’t appreciate my help….)

That thumbnail is for one of our shorter lessons.  Ironically, that is part 4 of 5, specifically longer due to its subject, but all the same, you should check it out later.  It answers the famous question, “How could a loving God allow bad things to happen?”  Thank you for helping, babe.

(Cici: *Sings* Youuuu’re welcome.)

Job was asking the same question as that lesson there, now that he was covered in painful boils, with no family or friends to support him.  He was in constant pain all day, and if he managed to sleep somehow, he’d have nightmares.  God finally talked to him about this, and gave him a lesson to help him.  What was this lesson?

-It was about how to have patience-

-It was about God’s love for Job-

-It was a prophecy of the future-

-It was random questions about natural science-