Don’t be disappointed if you get penalized for guessing “Hi,” in the hard mode.  I specifically warned you the picture wasn’t the answer, ha ha!  Chapter 10 is not saying you can lose your salvation.  Besides, those who like to use this passage for that logic need to follow it through and realize the passage would also be implying that a person who loses their salvation can never get it back.  This whole train of thought would make God a liar in several other promises He’s made throughout Scripture, but this is not what the passage is saying anyway, so there is nothing to fret.

    “Somebody” was warning the Jewish Christians that if they forsook Christianity for the Old Testament sacrificial system, they’d be going back to something God no longer even recognizes as being legitimate.  That was part of the reason for the temple veil ripping in two.  The Lord was saying we don’t need the Mosaic system anymore because Jesus has paid the price for our sin.

Now, what does chapter 12 say we should lay aside?

-Every weight and the sin that so easily besets us-

-The old man and put on Christ-

-All bitterness and wrath-

-The Old Covenant-