You knew better than to be tricked with the concubine thing.  Good job!  Actually the guy who stole his father’s concubine was Jacob’s son, Reuben.  Yeah, Jacob’s family and adventures were all kinds of crazy, from his sons killing a whole city over their sister being defiled, to his son stealing his “servant wife”, to the topic of this question.

    Jacob’s son, Judah, had a daughter-in-law, Tamar, who was a widow after his sons kept taking turns marrying her and dying.  Judah was supposed to give her to his third son but didn’t, so she disguised herself as a harlot to seduce Judah, and it’s from this that a set of very important twins was born.  Who were these twins?

-It wasn’t a set of twins.  It was Zarah.-

-No, it was the son named Pharez.-

-You both got it wrong.  It was triplets!-

-Couldn’t it be both Pharez and Zarah?-