Welcome to the hard mode of our Bible quiz.  Since we originally intended for this to be a ten question game with only one mode, you might debate our definition of easy and hard, but you’ll survive.  Remember, one missed question is an automatic game over.  Can you make it through?

That said, the first question regards this funky picture of some artist’s interpretation of the serpent beguiling Eve.  Considering the Scriptures describe the creature as having legs, and the general environment being much bigger back then, this isn’t as crazy of a picture as you might think.  So yeah, that’s the serpent being used by Satan to tempt Eve.  How do we know it’s Satan, or the devil, behind this?  Well, the Bible says so.  Do you know where?

-It Doesn’t-

-In the book of Revelation-

-It says so in Genesis 3-

-It says so in Genesis 1-