Allow me the special honor of introducing my favorite students in the entire universe, even when they are standing in front of the title screen, Entoni Franklin and his sister Grace Grace.

(Ent: Yeah, blame Gigi’s big head for that one, ha ha!  Hi, guys!)

(Gigi: Well, it’s not like we have much room to work with, Elf.  Don’t mind Entoni, or should I say, don’t mind the green child we all simply call Elfie.)

(Elf: Aww!  Seriously?  I’m not even in the camera for five seconds, and we’ve already got to deal with that identity crisis?)

    He he, don’t be shy, Elf.  You know you’ll catch up to your sister’s height soon enough.  Besides, you’re used to everyone calling you Elfie by now, so don’t go getting grumpy all of the sudden just because you’re a movie star.  To be honest, quizzers, I thought of being strict and having you start from scratch when it comes to the game overs, just like the old days, but I figured that I might as well recruit my two helpers instead.  That’s right; this is your Game Over Crew.

(Elf: Hey, don’t even worry about that.  I know you guys will do fine.)

(Gigi: I doubt Green Boy’s squeaky voice has any of you intimidated anyway, but just in case you are, know that I will pray for you to have confidence.)

(Elf: I think we’d better start the quiz before I lose a twin sister, Mom.)

    Aren’t they so sweet?! 🤣 I’m already super glad that I brought them along for this time-traveling assignment.  That’s right; since you should already be familiar with the bizarre nature of us System Guards, I don’t feel the need to ease you into the subject.  While Xames’ crew and the Prince Twins are technically from another time period but moved to the past and stayed there, I’m literally having to do this lesson and send it to the past because Gramps waited two decades to think of the novel idea of asking his distant descendant to do a quiz.

(Gigi: You didn’t exist then, Mom.  What’s the problem?)

    Gracie Grace, stop making excuses for your distant ancestors, baby.  Gramps and James are both responsible young men who can answer for their own laziness.  Anyhoo, after we have finished this lesson, I will let you in on, not only the two secrets I have at the end of this challenge, but also on super crazy schedule points that are sure to make up for all the torture we’ve put you through with our strange hints at something big on the way.  So with that said, as I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons of things I was going to say in this intro, let’s start the first question!

How many books are in the Old Testament?





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