The last promise in the Bible is that Jesus is on the way!  Just like the Old Testament was all about the first arrival of the Messiah, the New Testament promises His return, and the fact He arrived on time for His first visit lets you know He is reliable to come back at the right time again.

(Jo: Speaking of good timing, we got the call back in time for your graduation, quizzers.  Record this accomplishment in the comments and follow us if you haven’t.  The options for that are on the side of the page.)

(Gigi: Then you can pick whichever mode is your next destination.)

(Elf: Just think; this is the last graduation of the series.  Hey Mom, what is the secret for this mode?)

    Our presence is a secret, man!  There’s not much I couldn’t say that wouldn’t add to our list of trivia.  My maiden name, Sky, is our culture’s long-distant derivation of Scott.  By that, I don’t mean that your word for sky comes from Scott, quizzers.  The closest way for your English to spell my native tongue’s pronunciation of the name just turned out to be Sky.  Trust me, unless you want to feel like you’re reading a bunch of nonsensical computer symbols, you definitely don’t need to torture your eyes with trying to read our form of text.  I am from the Dogwood Galaxy, after all.  My dad is from that galaxy’s version of Earth, and my mother is from that version of Ruyngard, not to be confused with the Milky Way’s colony planet called New Ruyngard.  Are you thoroughly confused yet?  I’ll explain a thing at the end of hard mode that may relieve all your fears concerning whether or not we’ll ever answer all the riddles we’ve been leaving throughout the endings of these quizzes.  Just be patient and finish this quiz first, then I shall tell you a thing.

(Gigi: This won’t take long.  You’re a smart bunch of quizzers.)

(Elf: Take notes from them, sis.)

(Gigi: *Grumbles*)

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-Jump to the hard mode-

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