You guessed it, or at least I’m 98% sure you did; Esther risked her life by going in to see the king at a time she could’ve been killed for simply showing up unannounced.  She invited him to a banquet, at which she invited him to another banquet, at which she told him about her heritage and the evil plan hatched against her people.  This courageous act resulted in the Jews being saved and the villain being killed.  It is from this the Jews got the feast called Purim to remember Esther’s bravery.  Now, another thing everyone remembers is Mordecai’s words of encouragement that became the moral of the story.  What did he say?

-Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?-

-If I perish, I perish.-

-What is truth?-

-Now we know that all things worketh together for good….-