The helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shield of faith, Sword of the Spirit and boots of the preparation of the Gospel.  I capitalized Sword of the Spirit since it’s another name for the Word of God, the Bible.  So, you need to know for sure that you’re saved, because even if you are but you have doubts, that’s an injury to your effectiveness as a witness.  Guard your heart in righteousness, have everything held together by God’s truth, have faith in His protection, be prepared to share the Gospel wherever you go and master God’s precious Scripture.  That is how you know what to do, and that is how you learn how to do what God asks of you.  I can not emphasize enough the importance of soaking your heart and mind in the Bible, as well as depending on Christ’s strength for anything you are told to do.

(Flash: Good job.)

    Oh, yeah!  While you are following God’s commands, doing so will sometimes lead to weird things like graduating from this cute Bible lesson.  Go figure; you just did.  We are both very proud of you and now give our approval for you to take the rest of the quiz.  Also, let me share a secret about myself, just like I promised.

*Five minutes of silence occurs*

    Hey!  It’s harder to think of a secret than you realize.  As a top-ranking officer, I have to be careful not to say the wrong thing.  I mean, we’re not overboard with the security protocol like we used to be, but I, nonetheless, must be cautious.  I don’t suppose our facility will be infiltrated by nefarious invaders if I say I love watching old Westerns.  Let me tell you something; if I had a choice in the System Guard uniforms, we’d all be wearing cowboy hats and boots, that’s for sure!

(Flash: Yee-haw!)

    Is that a good enough fact until the hard mode?  You don’t want me saying the good stuff now, do you?  That’d deprive you of a worthwhile reward at the end, right?  Well, hurry along and round up the rest of the quiz so y’all can learn more about us, partner.  More importantly, focus foremost on learning and adoring the Word of God.

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-Jump to the hard mode-

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