The Triumphal Entry is most likely the moment the prophecy of Daniel was counting down to.  However, the words “most likely” did not sit well with me to be the final question of the quiz, so I worded it differently than I did in the beginner mode so the question was more concrete, allowing me to give the extra details with less hassle involved.

(Vahnna: Ha ha!  I’m just the assistant…this time.  When I host the Malachi quiz, I shall try to come up with questions that don’t require such leniency.  You’ll either know the answers, or you won’t.  Don’t worry though; I won’t be too unkind, he he!  But I’m proud of you now, so good job!)

Yes, you have done very well today, so you have my congratulations.  Be sure to tell us about your success in the comments.  Did you overcome the entire quiz, or do you still have modes to go?  Either way, remember that you are always a student of the Bible.  Never be satisfied, and never mistake Bible knowledge for biblical obedience.  You can’t obey without knowing what God says, but simply knowing it will not help you, if you don’t obey His commands.  With that mentioned, let me encourage you to take advantage of our other materials, including the other book quizzes here and the shorter lessons in the Lightspeed Lab.  We pray that what we have here will help you in your walk with the Savior of the world.  May you stay with Him through everything that life brings you.

(Vahnna: I shall see you soon in the Malachi challenge!)

(Both: Bye!)

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