Whoa, baby!  You have beaten the hard mode, AND you have time to drink tea!  You may prefer lemonade, but that’s not the point.  You have beaten the game!  Bravo!

(Keb: Unless they started backwards, then their work has just begin.  Get to work, you precious rookies!)

Ignore the frog in the room.

(Keb: I’m not a frog!  I’m a Kat!)

Details.  Good job, guys, and thank you for playing the game.  If you don’t mind, make sure you are following us by doing what the instructions on the side say.  Also, tell us that you won in the comments, AND do me a tiny, fun favor.  It’s not every day that you take a Bible quiz about a rancher with a zookeeper.  I noticed after we were a good ways into the quiz that there were a lot of unintentional animal references and puns besides what was expected.  Your challenge is to go back and count how many animal references we made.  I can’t promise any special prize, but it will at least be a fun bonus question.  If you put that in the comments below…you…will be a legend.

(Keb: Wow…such an incentive.  I guarantee nobody’s gonna’ take you up on that offer.)

Well, you can go spend the day in the lobby alone then, Keb!


Thank you for playing our wonderful quiz.  Have a wonderful day.

*The girls look at each other and laugh*

(Keb: Nice way to end the quiz.)

I thought it was funny.  Okay, seriously, guys, you all have been a treat to hang out with, so I hope you have a blessed day with folks as crazy as my best pal, Kebbers.

(Keb: Bye!)


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