Yah!  God actually compared the women with cattle!  This is cute until…whoa…how’d I not see that before?  Amos 4:1 refers to them as kine of Bashan.  For those of you familiar with Psalm 22, you’ll remember it speaks of the bulls of Bashan.  Hmm, apparently Bashan was a happening place for cattle.  It seems the reference to them is because of their infamous stubbornness.  So, God was saying, “You people are as stubborn as that cattle over there.”

    Now, I’ve done most of the homework for you.  What verse in Psalm 22 specifically mentions the bulls of Bashan?

-Ps. 22:10-

-Ps. 22:12-

-Ps. 22:18-

-Ps. 22:22-

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