(IC: Good job, guys!)

(Scott: At this rate, you could be Bible teachers of your own class!)

(Bev: Let us know in the comments that you totally crushed this mode, and don’t forget to follow our website!)

(Scott: Have we thought of the next secret to tell the fans?)

(IC: Tell them a secret that doesn’t involve me, ha ha!)

(Bev: Well, I was thinking that it couldn’t be helped, seeing how Scott and I are the latest in the line of the Scott Legacy, and yet, we are supporting characters in your inspiring story, I.C.)

(IC: Hey, ha ha!  That’s not fair.  Don’t make me feel guilty for stealing the show in the beginner mode, sis.  Perhaps I could learn some humility from you.)

(JD: She is the role model of that quality!)

(LB: That’s for sure!)

(Bev: Behave, girls.  I’m trying to advertise my sister’s story.  You see, while I.C. did mention her bratty past while hosting the I Corinthians quiz, she didn’t mention the fact that she is actually from a line of villains that were bitter enemies of the System Guards.  I.C.’s great-grandmother was a villain, I.C.’s granny was a villain until she was helped by AB and Missy.  I mean, even to this day, I’m sure my precious sister-in-law has several evil great-aunts flying around the System, doing evil things.)

(IC: I’m not sure I like how you’re wording this.)

(LB: I.C., have you ever thought about how lonely it must be for your grandmother to be the only one in her family to turn from evil?)

(JD: How lonely, indeed, being the only one of your thousands of siblings to see the light, knowing everyone else will meet a terrible end.  It makes me want to hug your gran right now!)

(IC: Whoa…no, I haven’t.  She’s always so happy, and good-looking for her age, ha ha!  She looks like my identical twin with her smiling, pretty fa–)


(JD: Hey, chin up, Ima C.  My family had their rough years, too.  Yeah, your granny used to be one of those things, but she changed, and she doesn’t beat herself up about a dark history.  Don’t hold on to the regrets of the past.  Learn from them and give God the future.)

(IC: Heh, I bet you poor quizzers are wondering what we’re blabbing about.  Well, don’t worry; I know the System Director will tell you all about my family’s history soon enough.  I’m just glad Granny Eppie decided to do what is right.  As you wait for more of our bizarre stories to publish, you’d better make sure that you follow God and do what is right so that you can stand before Him with less regrets.)

(Scott: And you can also be looking into the subject of Christian biographies while you wait, along with the other books we mentioned in this quiz.)

(Bev: I’m Beverly Prince, and it has been an honor hosting this quiz with my friends and my brother.  I hope you have enjoyed our colorful rendition of the lesson, and I hope you have learned something precious from the more serious side of this quiz.  I pray that you continue to learn more about God, and that you follow His every command in His strenght.)

(JD: I’m Julie Dragonfly, and I appreciate your patience in all the game over pages.)

(LB: I’m Lady Bug, and I’m only speaking again to have an excuse to say we’re…)

(JD: Oh, my goodness!)


(IC: I’m highly concerned for you girls, and I’m walking away now.)

(Scott: Thank you for playing this final quiz to our series.  Yup, it’s totally the end.  Why would there be something else?  What could we possibly have forgotten?  Well then, this is the last time you’ll hang out with us in this Lightspeed Lab Bible Challenge.)

(???: …OR IS IT?! ⚡😱⚡)

(All: Bye!)

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-What more could we possibly quiz over?!-

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-Back to the arcade-

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