Dude!  You completely obliterated that mode in record time!

(Jo: Especially considering how rocky some of those questions must have been.)

    Be sure to record your win in the comments, and follow our site by doing what the instructions for that say on the side of the page.  Also, if you still have questions about some of what we discussed here, we explained it more thoroughly in the beginner mode, so you can review that to get a fuller understanding of these topics.

(Jo: What is our story secret for this point in time, baby?)

    It is that time, isn’t it?  In beginner mode, we discussed my suit’s abilities.  For this secret, I’ll throw in a hint for a warrior that has yet to appear in either this quiz or the one before.  Tommy’s codename is Polar Blast, and mine is Grizzly Blaze, but there is a System Guard whose codename is Polar Blaze.  So, I am advertising.  If you want to read about the events I discussed in the beginner mode and learn more about this mystery soldier, you will have to keep your eyes open for new materials that have yet to be published on the site.

(Jo: The only problem with that, baby, is that the SG Bios will probably mention your little secret.)

    Well, that stinks.  Okay, well, I can add to it by saying this special warrior gave Tommy the full mantle for a while after the events I mentioned in the beginner mode secret, though that transition has basically resumed how things used to be, so it’s all good.

(Jo: I’m confused.)

That’s what makes it a mystery.

(Jo: Oooooo!  Such suspense!)

    Alright, get ready to say your goodbyes for now, Jo.  You were a good assistant, as usual, and the quizzers were amazing students and champions in this challenge.

(Jo: Bye, everyone!  I’ll see you in later lessons and comics!)

Tommy, Susie, you two still here?

(Both: Bye!)

I had a feeling they’d be loitering right outside the door, heh heh.

(Susie: Are you implying I’m a lazy meddler again, my lovable brother?)

    I’d be an awful sibling if I didn’t at least leave you wondering, ha ha!  Nah, you know I’m just teasing.  But just to be safe, I’m signing out and leaving before my jokes get me in trouble.

(Jo: Aw man!  I was hoping to see Susie bop you on the head, he he!)

(Tommy: Oh, brother!)

(Jo & Susie: Oh, sister!)

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