We should withdraw from them that refuse to obey the Bible, but we should also admonish them as a brother.  What this means is that there are times when we have to say, “No,” to fellowshipping with folks that insist on teaching things that are clearly wrong, but rather than labelling them as unsaved, we should encourage them to grow as fellow Christians.  Walking disorderly isn’t referring to someone that lack organizational skills, or else I’d be in trouble, ha ha!  It’s referring, as you already know, to people who refuse to follow God’s rules.  Doctrine doesn’t divide, disobedience does.  It’s just like the case in 1 Corinthians where a believer was living in open immorality with his mother-in-law, refusing to heed God’s command concerning purity.  The believers had to put their foot down and say that was wrong.

    I’m not saying to leave a church because the pastor said Melchizedek was a human and not a pre-incarnate appearance of Christ, or that Peter wrote Hebrews instead of Paul.  I’m also not saying to shun your unsaved coworkers or hound them about their personal choices.  There’s a difference between disagreeing on the minor points the Bible isn’t specific about and ignorantly neglecting important Bible truths in the spirit of “All that matters is that Jesus died.”  There’s also a difference between loving people and caring for them versus hanging out with them 24/7.  Pray about it and wisely discern the balance there.

    I have to admit I find this next question humorous in light of this little chat.  What does Paul include in his discussion about being disorderly and immoral?

-Covetous rioters-

-Adulterers and thieves-


-Lazy meddlers-

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