Michal was the woman, and for this next question, David is the man.  You might know where this is going.  The names I gave for the wives were all actual names.  If you remember his wife, Bathsheba, then you remember it didn’t have the best of starts.  While David and Bathsheba lost their firstborn child, in addition to watching Dave’s older kids destroy themselves, they did have the joy of another boy being born who would be the future king, as well as write the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon.  It’s suggested that Bathsheba may have been the inspiration for Proverbs 31, despite the events that were inspiration for David writing Psalm 51.

After throwing all that extra info at you, I return to the hand in the picture.  Before David repented of his sin with this lady, a prophet came and called David out for his transgression.  This helped the king to get things right with God.  Who was the one that pointed David back to God?



-Samuel Jr.-