Ding, ding!  We have a winner!  Yeah! *Does the crowd cheer*  And they all go wild!

At this point, I guess you’ve beaten everything.  You sat through twenty questions in my beginner’s class, you tested your memory in the easy mode and you claimed the victory over the hardest part of the game.  Be sure to thank the Lord for your success.

From here, you can replay the game because I’m your favorite (take that, Jaqui and Tea!) or you can try the other quizzes (you’re welcome, Jaqui and Tea….)  Either way, make sure you follow us if you haven’t already by clicking the follow button on the right or the bottom of the page.  Also, if you wouldn’t mind, could you be a dear and pray that God sends us more supporters?  Everything here is free, but we have a desire to be able to do this full time and reach more people with even cooler stuff.  Maybe you could even join the team.  So would you pray about it?  You’re soooo sweet! 😉

Toodle-loo, hon!

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