Indeed, if someone is preaching against the Savior, you should not be supporting their ministry.  This can be done in a tactful fashion, but you should avoid a preacher that removes Jesus from the Gospel.  And, of course, John is mainly talking about not having any part in a false church.  He is not saying to shun your unsaved coworkers or refuse to witness to people of different beliefs.

(Xames: Well put, Megan, my love.  Additionally, always make sure that, even in standing for truth, you quizzers still do so respectfully and in love.  Love isn’t blind acceptance of sin, but you don’t have to be rude in order to stand for what is righteous.)

For our nineteenth question, what did John conclude since he had so much to write?

-He would write 3 John-

-He would just stop writing-

-He wanted to tell them in person-

-He would have someone else write the rest-

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