The word missing is Potentate, which is another word for calling God the Ruler or King.

(Muse: Of course, human kings are potentates, using a lowercase letter for that title, but I think you get that, ha ha!)

    Well then, it seems you have graduated from my class.  Let the world know in the comments, as this is a great reason to celebrate.  After you have done so, and after you follow our website using the button for such on the side, you may initiate the next part the of the quiz.

(Muse: Nuh-uh, Mr. Tsuno, after they put their achievement in the comments and follow our site, you’re going to tell them a secret about yourself.  You’re not getting away from this, ha ha!)

    Don’t worry, my love; I expected them to do all of that after they finished reading this anyway, so I was going to tell the secret before they went to the comments.

(Muse: I see.  Forgive my assumption, he he!)

    As a warrior, it is best to always keep a good diet, and it is crucial to have a regular training routine.  This is why I always end my exercises with a nice bowl of sea food.  Protein is essential to keeping strong.

(Muse: That’s my aquatic husband for you.  I’m just glad Fiona and Keb taught me their best sea food recipes to ensure I never disappoint him.)

    I’m just glad none of those recipes follow my sister’s habit of serving dishes cold.  I love my sister, but that was one thing I could never get used to when she “cooked”.

(Muse: Okay, ha ha!  We’d better get to the next part of the quiz before your appetite sends you down a culinary memory lane.)

Indeed.  Let’s start the next section right away.

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