(Susie: Look at you!  You won the hard mode, and have not even broken a sweat.)

You’re going to record this in the comments, right?

(Susie: You’d better!  People need to know of your accomplishment.)

Also, don’t forget to follow our website for updates on new materials.

(Susie: Speaking of updates, what other precious childhood memories do you have for us, honey?)

Our name.

(Susie: Tommy, are you sure it’s safe to explain that origin yet?)

We will certainly find out right now.

(Susie: That sounds immature, ha ha!  I’m now concerned.)

    So, my last name is Bear.  Susie’s maiden name is Sutle, but what I’m about to say still applies to her.  This is because my sister, our family, Susie, her family and myself were all put in AB’s life for the same reason that some of his teammates were during the Ultimate Maximum era of System Guards, with us undergoing the same upgrade procedure that they did.  If you read the episodes I’m talking about involving Cookie, Corzko and Apollo, you will forever view my last name with a bit more significance, I’m sure.  It’s exactly like how the host of the Habakkuk quiz was changed from Excellent Elephant to the Pac we all know now.

(Susie: Mysteries abound.  Are you curious to read our comics now?  You might be anxious to know how they still tie in with this side of our material.  Maybe you want to try another Bible book’s quiz, or perhaps you have some specific topics you want to learn about from our shorter lessons.  Whichever you choose next, I hope it benefits your walk with the Lord greatly.)

You could start by continuing on to the sequel of this book.

(Susie: This is true.)

Alright, let’s get to rolling and watch our quizzers amaze Mike and Jo in the next lesson.

(Susie: He he!  Oh, this should be fun.)

-Go to the sequel quiz-

-Back to the mode selection-

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-Back to the arcade-

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