The woman was from Endor.  Saul was right for killing her kind, because that was God’s penalty for all those who practiced dark arts, like witchcraft and communicating with the dead.  While God deals more graciously with people now, that still doesn’t change the fact He seriously doesn’t like when we play with that kind of stuff because, as far as the spirit world is concerned, that’s like walking blindfolded on the streets of New York, waving your wallet around, screaming, “Hey, look at me!  I’m an open target!”

Anyway, my little rant leads us to the next part where the woman summons the spirit Saul wants, but there is a problem.  What is it?  She summons the spirit Saul wants!  You see, she was expecting whatever spirit she was familiar with to pretend to be the intended target, because only God can truly make the dead talk to the living, but God surprised her by making the actual dead dude’s spirit show up.  Who was this ghostly guy?




-Saul’s father-