(Kim: *Sigh* I have my concerns now.)

    Kimmy, no talking!  Mommy’s busy!  Okay, now you may call an epistle a letter.  You have my permission.  Also, I used this as an excuse to bring up profanity because you shouldn’t be afraid to use this word that means “letter” just because it may sound like a curse word, obviously, but I actually wanted to point out that there are a few words in Scripture that were not vulgar when they were used in the Bible, but now they are.  It’s not necessarily wrong to use these words in their proper context, but it’s still wise to not carelessly say them if you don’t need to, and it’s definitely no excuse to say these phrases in a way that is understood to be cursing.

    Having taught you better now, we can safely move on.  You’re so lucky to have a teacher who looks out for you.  Speaking of teachers and mentors, when the church at Corinth had disputes among its members about who followed whom, which of the following names was included?