(Caroline: Am I a bad person if I say my favorite part is getting away from the hospital?)
(Heero: Is that a multiple choice question?)
(Caroline: Keep being rude and I’ll go back to the hospital.)
(Heero: It’s ok; I’ll just tell Mrs. Haywood you didn’t have time for her.)
(Caroline: You don’t even know where she lives.)
(Heero: So, you’d be ok with getting your intern killed with him wandering around town, lost as can be?)
(Caroline: Haha!  I like how you didn’t answer my question.)
(Heero: I might’ve, if I wasn’t interrupted.)
(Caroline: Oh well, excuse me.)
(Heero: It’s not bad to want a break every now and then.  It doesn’t mean you hate the people.)
(Caroline: Yeah!  I mean, the kids and the old ladies are adorable, and I don’t mind assisting in human reassembly, but….)
(Heero: Human reassembly?  You should write your own medical book.)
(Caroline: Stop mocking me, haha!  Man, who made you?  Haha!)

-Made?  I’m a real deal human, not some goofy robot.-

-My parents.-


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