“Tonight, we take a look at the man who has put his heart and soul into serving his country through the art of science, from the marvelous wonder of language translators designed to work on animals, to the procedure of full sensory restoration, as he introduces a new method that–hold on to your hats–raises the dead.  That’s right; while others have succeeded in the work of cloning from raw DNA, which includes the replication of full bodies AS WELL as individual replacement limbs, Nathaniel Harrison has discovered a method to genuinely bring the deceased back to life.”





    That’s right; you heard it yourselves folks.  This topic that has everyone on their phones is the subject of–you question whether or not science can revive the dead?  Well, I just happen to be one of those resurrected.  That is, if you believe what is really going on here.  Anyway, do you see those two men on the phone?

    That’s Billy Reese and Dr. Zachary Malone.  The latter is an atheist working alongside Dr. Harrison while his old college roommate, Bill the lawyer, happens to be a Christian who feels the same way you probably do about this circus.  “Only God can give life.  Cloning is playing God, so it can’t be done.”  Of course, by this time in Bill and Zack’s history, clones are a regular thing, so I don’t know what Reese is reading these days, BUT if you’re angry already, don’t worry, we’ll sort out all the theology soon enough.

    Besides, Reese probably summed up the issue perfectly fine when he corrected his foolish statement.  “Just because something is wrong doesn’t make it impossible, but just because something is possible doesn’t make it right.  Cloning is still unethical and is a practice in which no Christian scientist should participate.”  Oddly enough, despite being one of these “resurrectees,” I happen to fully agree with Mr. Reese.  But enough ethics for now.





    I’ll let you click that there so I don’t have to repeat it, but that’s the history of this shenanigan, except for the part missing about Dr. J. T. White Jr., surpassing his father by being the first to progress from the test-tubers to genuine, breathing “DNA puzzles.”  Hey starry-eyes, we’re talking about Nathaniel Harrison in this story, so don’t get confused with the names in his notes, haha.  (Just be sure to hit the back button when you finish reading that pic lol.)


    That’s our star, Dr. Nathaniel Harrison…and Zack Malone.  “I am a scientist and a doctor.  It is my duty to help people.  Will this do more harm than good?  As far as my eyes can see, transport after transport approaches, each carrying its own load of cadavers, all of which I’m expected to revive.  I can do this, but should I?  If this is going to help so many…why does it feel so wrong?


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