Nathaniel gloats over his fallen foe.  “Now, to see who you are, you pesky thief.”

I’m…Donna…Donna Mitchelson.  You can imagine the shock he feels as he looks at me lying here.

“Donna?!  How could you betray me?!” he roars.

    “Excuse me Nathaniel, you’re the one who shot me in the back.  I heard bad things about you, such horrible things.  I wanted to protect you, to prove they weren’t true.  But….Oh, it doesn’t matter now.  End all of this….”

“Donna, how did you become such a skilled fighter?”

    “What?  Did you think I just sit in my room watching soap operas?  I like to study kickboxing videos.”

    And with this, Nathaniel Harrison shoots his Donna Mitchelson once more, this time with little remorse.

    “Donna, I’m sorry if it takes a bit longer for you to go to sleep.  I…I just couldn’t shoot you directly.  I’m doing this to make the world safe for you.  I know you don’t get it, but when you wake up, you’ll have forgotten all of this, and we’ll be happy again.  I’ll revive you again once this is all over, hon.  I love you.”

Agent Jackson speaks her last, “Donna…this…could’ve been you.”

“D-Donna?!” Nate freaks out as he sees her standing there.

    Heartbroken and alone, Donna laments, “I can’t believe you, Nate!  You’d actually shoot me!  Everything they said about you was true!  Agent Jackson was a genuine clone, sent by the government to spy on us.  She warned me about you…and….”

    Though irritated by Donna’s emotional accusations, Nate tries to calm her down.  “Donna, this isn’t funny.”

    She won’t have it.  “You know what is funny, Nate?  You lied to me and made me into one of your little robots because you loved me.  You know what’s funny, Nate?  Your men were diverted by two dogs, and I was able to deactivate all the guards on the way in here all because of your own inventions.  And you know what else is funny…REALLY funny, Nathaniel Harrison?”

“You’re under arrest, Nathaniel Harrison, for MY murder.”

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