For those of you on Facebook who have liked Inner Man Theatre and have yet to see any posts, I apologize that you have been neglected.  Between my learning about posting algorithms and focusing more on improving the site’s content, I’ve not yet been able to really spread the material around like I would’ve preferred.


While I am trying to increase the range of my post reach, I’d like to invite you to hit the website’s follow button, located on the side or at the bottom, to make sure you’re not missing out.


Everything here is free, so I hope you enjoy it.  I made sure that the site is sustained merely by traffic and volitional support rather than memberships because I want this site to be a ministry and not a business.  That said, even though I don’t like to speak directly about finances, I will do so briefly.  The goal of the support that comes in is to have the time to develop my skill, so you get less of this:

and more of this:

It’s my desire to share God’s Word through comics, animations, books and other various media to the entire world, but I want my work to be worth your time, which requires finding sufficient time around my current work schedule.  My prayer is to either progress to doing this site full-time, or at least to learn new art tips that will significantly reduce production time and improve art quality.  If you are able to support financially, that’s great. You can do that here.  If not, then please don’t think that’s all I’m asking. Of course, prayer is most crucial. However, in addition to prayer, just as the financial support is helpful, following along and giving feedback is incredibly important. It helps in gearing the site in the right direction.

So, I ask you to pray for this site, and think about how you can help.  Okay, that’s my rare “money” letter, as I prefer to focus on the comics and making you laugh and grow instead of making you feel like you have to give me something.

I guess that’s all.

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