Um, Keb….what are you doing?!

Well, AB did ask, SO…let me tell you what’s going on.  My wonderful brother has been saying he’ll update the site for quite a while now, and though he did make some progress, I’m tired of waiting for him to finish the job.  I, Keb, as his helpful little sister and your on-the-ball dear friend have taken the initiative in making the bigger renovations.

The main deal going on is that I’m converting all the individual episodes in the comic galleries into separate posts so that you can go to each series’ page and, hopefully, get a better experience of navigating to your desired episode than you may have up till now.  During this renovation process, you may get a few more posts than usual until we are all done, but we’ll try to span it out so you aren’t overrun.  I mean, who doesn’t like getting this many comics anyway?  But even so, I’m thinkin’ of ya!

So, this week’s stuff, right?  Don’t forget the surprise I have at the end here.


When You Really Think About It (click the pic, as if you don’t know by now):

When You Really Think About It Ep. 235

And yes (don’t click the pic, as if ibid):

If you have a prayer request, you should be able to say so in the comments and watch for others.  All my Kebbiness aside, we do really like to pray for you. 🙂


All Cheerful & Rosie (yes, clickeroo, click away):

All Cheerful & Rosie: Virginia 53

The adventures of All Cheerful & Rosie !  Tada!!


And that bonehead brother of mine, eh, I mean the boom!!

System Guards The Ultimate Maximum (click this, too!!!):

The Ultimate Maximum Ep.14 Pg.1
The Ultimate Maximum Ep.14 Pg.2


OO!!  OO!!  OO!!  And don’t let me forget to give you some examples of what the galleries will look like soon enough!  Check out the links by clicking the two banners below!!  (Hoot!  Hoot!)

Ok, that’s all I gots for now.  Seeya next week!!

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