Getting Ready On Sunday

    While it is fun to come to church in new clothes and see all the pretty colors between people’s attire and the newly budding trees and flowers, it can also be quite a hassle.  I mean, come on; it’s still a Sunday morning.  The kids are still the same slowpokes.  The alarm clock is still the spawn of the underworld.  So, while Easter Sunday is awesome, it can still be worth mentally preparing for so you don’t let the little things distract you from missing the joy of the day, or of Sunday in general


Before The Resurrection

    You do realize that Good Friday (or Thursday or possibly Wednesday) was supposed to be your execution day, right?  So, let’s walk back to the week before that and tally up the score.  Because of Adam’s sin, and your own, you stand guilty before God.  Sure, you are a believer and a follower of the meticulous Mosaic code, and yes you will go to Paradise one day, but if this plan of Calvary fails, you will eventually have to pay for your sins.  It’s been about 4,000 years of “will this ever happen?” and we have finally come to this week…and so we begin.  That time you disobeyed your mom is slapped across Jesus’ face.  That bitterness you held plucks at His beard.  You see your sin beating and murdering the Savior.  The work is done, and our God, the Christ, is dead.  He is taken down and you see Him buried, thanks to your own handiwork…but was the plan a success?


The Burden Lifted

Sunday breaks down the door of “what if” as Jesus rises from the dead.  For now and all eternity, there is no more “what if” but success!!  All your sin is definitely gone!  All of your guilt is powerless because of His resurrection!  Resurrection Sunday is the biggest “YES!” and fist pump moment of the entire history of mankind.  So, look forward to Sunday and be prepared to bask in the fact that you are free in Christ, no matter what.

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