Introducing Billy

Yesterday, I shared our topic passage here with my kids in children’s church and used the stick figure character, Billy, to set the stage for our lesson.  Billy is a new Christian who struggles with the fact that Nate, Nicknamed “Not Billy”, has a pretty girlfriend and his own little group of followers while Bill is left all alone with his hopes and dreams of the future, even though our protagonist is the Christian and Mr. Not is unsaved kid who could care less about God.  Oh boy, is this lesson for Billy!  Let’s see what Psalm 37 has to say for ol’ Bill.

Fret Not

To fret is to have kind of a jealous anger.  Bill could get angry,  jealous or worried that God seemingly ignores Him while blessing everyone else, or Billy can also choose to not let this bother him.

Trust in the LORD and Do Good

The LORD in all caps is not for emphasis or yelling, but in reference to God’s name Jehovah, which means “Self-Existing One” and is a reminder that God is the self-sustaining one who provides for the universe, and is able to provide for His child.  We used the illustration of trusting one of my students with a marker.  “I trust you to hold onto this marker for me, kiddo.”  She said ok, but I didn’t hand it to her.  Did I trust her?  No, because I didn’t actually give it to her.  I can say I trust her, but the trust comes by actually giving her the marker.  It’s the same with God.  If you’re going to trust God, give Him your worry and the thing that aches your heart.

Delight Thyself in the LORD

This is the fun one.  After you give your problem to God, excite yourself in Him.  The same way you can geek out over some TV show or movie, excite yourself in His awesome might, in His acts of creation or in what He has already done in your life.  If you do this, He will give you your desires.  He won’t necessarily fulfill the ones you already have, which may be good desires.  Even better, He will replace those good desires with astronomical desires.  This doesn’t just apply to things, but decisions.  How often do we pray “God, I’d like to….” versus “God, I just don’t know what to do!”  God will FLIP the switch on in your heart, or He will bring circumstances together for good.  Sound familiar?

Commit Thy Way Unto The LORD

Remember that marker?  Well, we trusted it to my student, but let’s check on it…just in case.  Yep, it’s still good.  I sure do trust her.  Um, let’s check on it again.  Do you see what I’m doing?  I trust her with the marker, but I keep trying to take it back, to “help her out”.  When you trust God with your situation, you are to give Him full control, of both that situation and all of your actions in general.  God is more than able to take care of you, so just keep your hands off and stop stressing yourself.

This Is Where The Title Comes In

Do you know the best way to stop stressing?  Rest!  And this doesn’t mean sleep, although that can help.  It means to relax, or chill.  God is in control, you have given Him the situation and completely taken your hands and mind off of it, and now you are rejoicing in Him.  Now comes the time to just…relax.  God has everything in control.  It’s interesting the God adds that we are to cease from anger.  When you delighting and resting in God, it’s a lot easier to be too distracted for frustration.

God’s Promises

In verse 23-26, God promises to take care of everything for His child that trusts Him.  He will guide our steps, and will take joy in our obedience the same way we took joy in His goodness.  He delights in our following the path He sets for us.  He will not forsake us and will help us to be the Christians that we were built to be.

Let’s remember to trust God…and chill.



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