So, everyone who lived (I’m looking at you, Jackson) did so happily.  The experiments all blended in well with society, and our main heroes here became leaders of this story’s version of the System Guards, though the name just never stuck for some reason.  Key and Kina got married.  I mean, their names match, so they might as well.  Jackson learned from his egregious, disgusting crime and became a responsible leader and famous scientist, but obviously not an evil scientist.

And yet…there is something else you must know….

    Jackson used his research in scientific studies, along with his unique imagination, to look deeper into the physics of the imaginary world known as the System.  Since the special sword I mentioned earlier was based on the Sword of the Spirit, Jackson was able to play on the fact that everyone is able to have their own Bible (in most countries) to mass-produce this unparalleled, powerful weapon.

    This led to an era of “awesome” that was followed by another era of corruption as new leaders arose who abused the power of the swords.  They called themselves the Sword Party for obvious reasons.  A millennium or two passed before they were finally defeated, but the people threw out the baby with the bathwater and launched all the swords they could find into space.  Tragic, really.

    I tell you all this nonsense because you will soon hear of the infamous Sword Party again…if you keep playing our games 😀

Dun, dun, dun!!

    And that is the Starter Key Game.   Congratulations on beating it, and thank you so much for entertaining my effort to show you the silliness that went into going from just doing comics to the masterpiece that is Rosie Puzzles & Adventures.  If you beat this game, please say so in the comments, and try our other games, or check out the comics on our main page.

    Also, if you like our material and want updates on new comics and games, you can hit the big follow button on the side to add your email.


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