Muh favorite character in the game, Zombie has a most awesome backstory.

(Key: So, were you a guy turned into the undead?)

(Zombie: That’s funny, but no; it’s the opposite actually.  The government has started what’s called the Zombie Project, which revives the deceased with their original memories perfectly intact.)
(Key: So, you were brought back from the dead?  I can see why you don’t show your face.)
(Zombie: Oh no, my face looks exactly like it did when I lived long ago.  I just wear the mask since I’m obviously on duty.  You may even recognize me without my mask, since I’m apparently famous for my many inventions, including the lightbulb.)
(Key: So, why tell me all this if it’s a secret?)
(Zombie: Legacy asked me to.  Who knows?  Maybe you will be taking my place someday.)
(Key: Well, let’s not go rushing my, uh, eligibility for the project now.)

So, which vent should they jump down?
-Jump down the first one-
-Jump down the second one-

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