(Trixie: Oh no!  Looks like the end for you, Marty.)

(Virginia: Such a tragedy.)

(Marty: Oh, whatever, girls!  I’m lookin’ right at the monkey.)

(Trixie: Hee hee!  Sorry, force of habit.  So…I guess this means you think you win, doesn’t it?)

(Virginia: Oh, he knows he won.  Look at that gloater grin.  Good job, Marty.)

(Trixie: Ok, congratulations, my dear friend!  You actually beat the game, which means you are now the proud owner of the first cream soda in the fridge.  Don’t worry, Jenny, I made sure to buy a full case, so you can have one, too.)

(Virginia: I know this, Trixie.  I’m the one you had buy it.)

(Trixie: Oh yeah!)




You totally totaled the competition! Be sure to tell of your success in the comments below. Oh, and here’s the first part of the special page link to the big secret. Collect all five parts and put them together in the search bar above.

The first part of the link is: https://innermantheatre.com/avoid

Ok, so you could’ve guessed that first part. If you like our material and want updates on new comics and games, you can hit the big follow button on the side to add your email.

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